Features To Look For When Buying A Heart Rate Monitor

Features To Look For When Buying A Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor is a device that measures the heartbeat. It sets off an alarm to let you know your heart rate has dropped or gone up. Some also have a calculator that tabulates calorie information. A good heart monitor will have an auto and a manual setting to compute target zone memory, heartbeat counter, backlight and a stopwatch. When buying one, you will need to select the best that incorporates most of the features in one device. An athlete, for example, should have one that has an alarm, and a target zone to meet his needs.

Main factors to consider when buying a heart rate monitor


Before buying, make sure it has all the features you would need as an athlete when conducting your training. An alarm and a target zone feature are what an athlete would need the most. Such features will help you as an athlete, to be punctual, time conscious as well as giving you the next target zone to tackle.


Make sure the straps are comfortable and fit well. They should not be too tight to cause discomfort or hinder you from exercising. The display should also be easy to read. Choose one with a bold display to make it easy for you to see without straining. The buttons should be placed appropriately to save you the hassle of fiddling with them during exercise. This will allow you to maneuver around different functions with ease.


estftestctgbhjWhen you have identified all other features, the price will come in last as the determining factor. You will find that prices will vary on common products depending on where you buy from. Before spending your money to buy the monitor, ensure you are getting the best quality for the best price. Do not go too cheap just because you want to save money as it might be a compromise on quality. You should get the highest value for your money. Ask around for recommendations from people who are conversant with such monitors.

Intended activity

Features will vary depending on the type of monitor you want. There are many different designs are available. One used for swimming will be water waterproof, while others will be specially made to suit the kind of work out intended for it. It is important to note that you cannot substitute these monitors that are specially designed to perform another task. You should, therefore, choose wisely the correct heart monitor with specific features that you need.